1.3 Install Antennas

You can install the antennas after finishing the below step 2 or step 3.

The 5G mobile antennas are marked MOBILE, and Wi-Fi antennas are engraved WIFI4-5.

Locate the antenna sockets on the enclosure. There are six embossed numbers on the top & bottom sides. 1-2-3 are for MOBILE antennas 4 & 6 are for WIFI4-5 antennas.

Put antennas aligned at corresponding sockets, and turn the milled part on the antenna head clockwise to tighten them.

While installing the antenna, put the router device in a vertical or horizontal direction to avoid bending the pins in the antenna connector.

The default Omni antennas are polarized vertically. Please always use the antenna in a vertical direction.

Upgrade Antennas

All of the antenna base connectors are N-female type.

If the RSRP signal strength is below -100 dBm, suggest upgrading the 5G antennas to directional antennas to improve the signal reception. If using the router in an RV or boat, please upgrade to FRP or MIMO Omni antennas.

Ensure your antennas are with N-Male connectors and working on the correct frequency range. If you connect antennas with extra coaxial cables, suggest using cable lengths shorter than 5 meters to reduce the RF signal attenuation.

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