1.2 Interface Overview

The EZR34T-5G CPE router has 5x antenna sockets, 1x gland socket, 1x breather valve, and 1x lock hole, as shown below.
All of the antenna sockets are N-female type. 5G mobile antenna sockets are on the top side, and Wi-Fi antenna sockets are on the bottom.
Port numbers [1~6] are embossed on the enclosure.
EZR34T-5G Interface Overview
There are two types of ends on the T-shape wrench.
The hexagon end fits the hexagon bolts on the lid. The cross end is fit to cross-headed screws on the backside. Use one of the Hexagon ends on the wrench and turn in an anti-clockwise direction to lose the bolts on the lid. Then we can open the enclosure.