Traversal Cloud

Traversal Cloud is our secure NAT tunnel tool to provide remote control function on the 4G/5G routers and connected hosts. For more information about the cloud features, please visit

After enabling the Traversal Cloud, you can access and control the router anytime, anywhere, on a web browser. It offers the easiest way to look over your networks. No public IP address and DDNS configuration are required.


The traversal cloud is turned off by default. You can follow the below steps to enable it.

  1. Log in to the router, go to "Services > Traversal Cloud."

  2. Click the " Enable " checkbox and "Save & Apply."

  3. Click the cloud address or copy it to the address bar on a web browser to access the router.

Recommended to set up a strong router password before enabling the traversal cloud.

No guarantee of this free service. Some cellular carriers might block the port number used by this cloud connection.


If unable to access the cloud address, please check the below factors.

  1. Ensure the traversal cloud has been enabled. After enabling the checkbox, please click the "Save & Apply" button.

  2. Before accessing the traversal cloud server, the router must have an Internet connection. Check the Internet connection on the router.

  3. If you once turned off the traversal cloud function within a power cycle, please reboot the router to refresh the traversal connection session.

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