EZR34T CPE Router

4.1 Connect to Router

Connect the AC plug on the PoE injector to the electrical outlet. The router will take 2~3 minutes to boot up.
Use a phone or computer to join the open WiFi hotspot Outdoor-WiFi-xxx or connect the computer to the LAN port on the PoE injector.
The -V4 WiFi hotspot is on 2.4GHz, and the -V5 hotspot is on 5.8GHz.
After connecting with Wi-Fi or Ethernet, open a web browser, enter the router IP 🔗 on the address bar.
The default setting has no password. Click the Login button to access the router's admin panel.
EZR34T-5G - Login Admin Panel
If unable to access it, please change a web browser and check the Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. You can clean the web browser's cache and try again.
Make sure the phone or computer has turned on DHCP mode.
The default URL prefix is http:// instead of https://.