4.4 5G-NR Modem

The default cellular modem settings can adapt to most operators and support carrier aggregation and LTE fallback.

Device Status

After logging into the router, you can find the mobile modem device information below on the front page's right side. We can easily monitor the mobile modem working status in this section.
  • Mobile Modem is the model of 5G-NR modem.
  • SIM Card is the current SIM slot the router is using. You can change to use another SIM card under the Mobile interface settings.
  • SIM Status is the working status of the inserted SIM card. If it shows "Connected," you can ignore the further modem settings on the below steps. Check the signals, APN, and protocol settings if it displays an error.
  • Phone Number is the mobile phone number of the active SIM card. Some of the data plan SIM cards do not show the phone number.
  • IMEI Number, short of International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It's a unique serial number of the mobile modem.
  • Mobile Operator is the provider of wireless communications services. * Usually the same as the SIM card provider.
  • Access Tech is the current mobile network the router connects to, including LTE and 5GNR.
  • Mobile Signal Quality RSRP: The average power received from a single reference signal. RSRQ: Indicates the quality of the received signal. SNR: The signal-to-noise ratio of the given signal.

5G-NR CPE Router Modem Device Status & Mobile Interface

Mobile Interface

Go to Network > Interface to visit the interface overview page. Locate the Mobile interface on the second row. It shows the below information.
  • Protocol is the current mobile protocol.
  • Uptime is the total working time of the currently active mobile internet connection.
  • RX is the download traffic, and TX is the upload traffic.
  • SIM shows the current activated SIM card slot.
  • IPv4 is the mobile internet IP address, usually a private IP address.
You can manually click the "Stop" or "Restart" button on the Mobile interface to kill the mobile connection or redial for a new link.
Do not click the "Delete" button on the Mobile interface. It will "erase" the mobile modem until reset the router.

SIM Card & APN

APN, short for Access Point Name, is the gateway to access the mobile network. In general conditions, the router can use the default APN parameters prebuilt in the mobile modem to set up a connection.
Some mobile carriers use different APN parameters for the various data plans. After confirming the accurate APN address with the mobile operator, you can configure the APN settings on the mobile interface, as shown below.
  1. 1.
    After Accessing the router admin, go to Network > Interfaces, and click the Edit button on the row of the Mobile interface.
  2. 2.
    On the tab of General Setup. You can choose the SIM card and enable the auto switch SIM card function when the router has two workable SIM cards. Protocol: Suggest using the default protocol Mobile Data unless the provider does not support it, which usually happens in rural areas. Modem Device: Do not change it unless switching the above "Protocol". Active SIM Card: Choose the SIM card you want to use. Auto Switch SIM Card: Enable this option to automatically switch to another SIM card when the above "Active SIM card" is offline.
  3. 3.
    Click the tab of related SIM cards to configure their APN and PIN settings. APN: Input the mobile carrier's APN gateway address. PIN: 4-digit code. If you have not changed it before, leave it empty. Username: Username of the APN gateway. Password: Password of the APN gateway. Authentication: Leave it as "--Please choose--" or choose PAP in most cases. IP Connection: Leave it as "--Please choose--" or choose IPv4 in most cases. Forbid Roaming: Leave it unselected unless you need to disable the roaming function.
5G Router Mobile Interface Settings - APN Gateway
For more details on the APN settings, check the tutorial at
Click the Save & Apply button on the bottom right corner to apply the new settings. It will jump back to the interface overview page.
Wait 1-2 minutes until the mobile modem reconnects to the mobile network.

Mobile Protocol

Some carriers or data plans might not support the default Mobile-Data protocol. For example, in UK rural areas, the EE and Vodafone can only use the PPP protocol.
Please check the protocol tutorial at