Powered by open-source firmware, the 5G outdoor CPE firmware is plug-and-play, easy to use, root authority granted, and with advanced tools.

Integrated 5G modem drivers and multiple cellular protocols. Supports dual SIM cards, band lock, and 4G/5G IP passthrough.

Supports WiFi relay, guest WiFi, WiFi schedule, custom firewall, multiple-WAN, and OpenVPN IPSec WireGuard VPN tunnels.

You can visit our knowledge base at for more firmware setting tips.

page4.1 Connect to Routerpage4.2 System Adminpage4.3 WiFi Hotspotspage4.4 5G-NR Modempage4.5 LAN and WANpage4.6 Recovery

Do not use any third-party firmware on the outdoor router.

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