4.2 System Admin

After accessing the router admin panel, navigate to "System > System" from the top menu. We will go to the below System Properties page.

System Properties

Time Zone

Under the General Settings tab, click the "Sync with browser" button to sync the time. The router will automatically sync with the time server after being connected to the internet.
Choose the correct time zone, then click the "Save & Apply" button on the bottom right corner to save your new settings.

Host Name

You can customize the "Hostname." It displays in the top-left corner.
EZR34T-5G - System Properties and Router Password


Go to System > Administration and input the new custom router password twice in the "Router Password" section, then click the Save & Apply button on the bottom right corner.
Keep the new router's admin password in a safe place. If the password was forgotten, we can only reset the router firmware.