3.1 Signal Coverage

The router should install in a suitable location, such as elevated, near a window, and away from obstructions and RF equipment.
The cellular signal quality is crucial to mobile internet speed and stability. Ensure there is fair signal coverage at the spot for installing the router.

5G Sub-3GHz Signal Definition Chart

RSRP (dBm)
SNR (dB)
> -80
> -10
> 20
-80 to -90
-10 to -15
13 to 20
-90 to -100
-15 to -20
0 to 13
< -100
< -20
< 0
Definition of 5G Signal Strength
Excellent: Maximum speed and data throughput. Good: Stable connection and good data throughput. Poor: Maintain data connection with restricted throughput. Bad: Connection drop or unable to keep a stable connection.
You can run a field test at the position you want to install the 5G router and check the signal strength. The easiest way is to use a 5G smartphone and check the 5G signal bars. As long as you have a “Good” 5G signal reception, the 5G router could generally work well.
To measure the 5G signal quality accurately, please check our signal tutorial at